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 Re: Max 20mA für digit Ports?? Kategorie: C-Control I V1.2/2.0 (von H.J.W. - 3.08.2006 12:50)
 Als Antwort auf Max 20mA für digit Ports ! von Patrick - 3.08.2006 0:14
I’m not sure how you came up with 20mA?
In the C-Control STATION manual I read that every digital port may sink or source 10mA MAX.

> The user manual of the C-Control-1 V2 (M-Unit and station ) warns that the digital ports may never deliver more than 20mA.
> Question 1: If all 8 digital ports feed the C-Control relays amplified by transistors, are we above 20 mA ?
> How many activited ports before reaching 20 mA ?
> Question 2: What if the ports deliver more than 20mA together ? Dammage ?
> Question 3: If nobody can answer question 1, who is ready to volunteer to activate one by one his output ports to feed the amplified Conrad relays ? And then tell on the forum when his C-control blew up...
> Thanks for your advise!
> Patrick ( Belgium - Brussels )

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