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 Flash Speicher: nur 1000 mal Kategorie: C-Control I V1.2/2.0 (von Patrick - 10.08.2006 19:02)
Patrick nutzt:  CC1-Station V2.0
I read that the new Flash memory of the C-Control-1 Station v2 can be written only 1000 times.
This is way less than the 100000 or 1000000 times of the EEPROM of the v1 !
Question: is is easy to remplace the flash memory ?  Does Conrad cover a used up flash memory in it's 2 year warranty ?
Actually I am working on programming a complicated alarm system, that has many software bugs, what requires to be rewritten in the memory and retested many times. To bad the CCbasic simulator has not been updated for the v2. And no simulator with basic++. I hope my Station v2 flash memory will hold it !

Other question: writing data in the flash memory, such as for ex. every 5 minutes the temperature, will cause I suppose a dead memory after 1000 temperature writings I suppose ?

Patrick - from Brussels

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