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 Re: I/O board fur CC1 Kategorie: Hardware (von DerMoordeicher - 12.05.2004 8:47)
 Als Antwort auf I/O board fur CC1 von Mathy knaapen - 11.05.2004 19:57
> Hallo Alle,
> I'm from Holland, and my englisch writing is better then my german so here I go..
> I've build an I/O board for the C-Control I.
> Features:
> EMC proof!!
> 16 hardware selectable input or output with jumper.
> 5 ad's used with potmeter (for timers, comparators, e.d.)
> 3 ad's free for use
> 2 da's free for use
> every digital I/O connection has a 24V and a GND screwklems
> every ad/da connection has a 5V and GND screwklems
> Beeper installed
> Reset circuit

> It's not possible to show a picture in this forum, but does someone need an I/O board like this?
> Mathy

Could you mail me a picture to ?
From where comes the 24Voltage ? Do I need an extern Power Supply?
How can I connect it to my CC1 (combined with a Starterborad) ?
Whats the prize of the board ?


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